Optimize content for the best results with our SEO Premium Package.

Optimize content for the best results with our SEO Premium Package.

Optimizing content for search engines is one of the most effective ways of an SEO strategy. Our SEO premium package contains all the functionalities from the SEO starter package for a strong SEO basis, a keyword research and an SEO audit. But that is not everything! This package is composed in such a way that everything is set up in one go and your website is linked to all SEO platforms, the website is technically optimized for speed and your content such as keywords and effective landing pages get a boost!

SEO Premium Package
  • Google Analytics – Link and Setup
  • Google Search Console – Link & Setup
  • Google My Business – Link & Setup
  • Google Maps listing – Pair and set
  • Link Sitemap Google Search Console
  • SEO Meta Settings
  • Mobile SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Backlink analysis
  • URL and site structure
  • Images optimization
  • Broken links (internal/external)
  • SEO landing pages (5 pieces)
  • Speedtest & Performance Check
  • Rankmath SEO Tool
  • Website SEO scan
  • SEO Analysis & Reporting
Optimization for landing pages, speed, content and keywords.

For only $450 we set up everything for you, and link your website to all SEO platforms such as Google My Business, Google Search Console, Google Analytics and ensure that you are visible on Google Maps.

Keyword research for effective keywords.

We start with a thorough SEO analysis of your website, and start a keyword research. With the results you have an overview of keywords and search terms on which your website or webshop can rank best in the search engine. With these keywords we can read the texts of, for example; optimize your landing pages and set up the SEO meta settings effectively. Keyword research is the foundation of any SEO content optimization strategy.

Landing pages optimized for keywords.

A landing page lands visitors on your page. A landing page is optimized for a certain keyword, service or product with the aim of matching an advertisement or a search term as well as possible. With a strong landing page you can convince your visitors of, for example, a product or service, and subtly encourage them to take an action such as filling in a form, downloading a PDF such as an e-book/whitepaper or buying a product.

100% transparent and personal.

We think it is very important that you always have insight into the results. At many other agencies you get little or no insight into the working method and results. Personal contact and transparent communication are of great importance to us! You gain insight into all the tools that we have linked such as Google My Business, Google Search Console and Google Analytics. We add your e-mail address, so that you can see for yourself how we have set everything up, and you always have insight into your visitor traffic.

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